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Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

Discussion in 'Website Design' started by techg, May 26, 2010.

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    May 12, 2010
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    The mobile web is growing. Fast. The industry is expected to have a significant growth in the coming years, with more and more web surfers accessing the internet through their mobile devices. The following lists 10 reasons why a person with an online site must need a separate mobile site.

    1. Google owns a separate mobile site index

    Since the index is separately maintained and it is quite empty, the mobile directory lacks most of the information. For instance, the directory style information is missing.

    2. Your regular site is not going to cut it

    A basic design difference exists between a regular and a mobile website. The screen space is very limited on a mobile. You must have identified the inconvenience of side scrolling. This inconvenience is further magnified on a mobile. Though there is the option of turning the device to lengthwise direction, the resolution is small even here. Mobile phone emulators can easily show how your regular website may look on a mobile. You can then experience the terrible experience of a mobile user.

    3. Nearly 1/5 of Americans access mobile web daily

    The rate is further increasing annually. It has thus turned to a competitive ground that it is now very essential to represent yourself on mobile web before your competitor does.

    4. Mobile web is expected to surpass desktop web in just five years

    Mobile web is being used and adopted at a very rapid pace than the desktop. Hence it is certain that the expected growth will be reached much faster. It is obvious that a vast majority of your site visitors will be on a mobile in the near future.

    5. In 2009, $1.6 billion was obtained from purchases in mobile devices

    This is the most motivating information regarding mobile web. In case, millions of people are using mobile web and not purchasing anything, most commercial sites need not worry about their mobile existence. But the current statistics prove purchases from mobile devices are already in billions. Though studies prove that consumers are less confident in making purchases from a mobile than from a desktop, spending levels are increasing owing to the increasing comfort levels.

    6. 93% of Americans own their mobile phones:-

    Though not all the mobile phones have internet access capabilities, it is the current trend. Internet accessibility is available not only in smart phones but also in some standard phones. But in the future, it is probable that all phones have some online access.

    7. 5% of the top 500 online retailers possess a mobile site/ iPhone app:-

    It will be rather surprising to know that the number is so low. However, this is great news to those who are outside this 5% range. If your ranking is not as high as expected, this may mean that your competitor may be in a better position. And if you are currently reading this, it is obvious that you are a step ahead in your industry.

    8. Budgets for mobile marketing is expected to cross $6.5 billion in 2012:-

    Spending on mobile advertising is a major indicator of the current industry status. If a marketer is ready to spend his hard-earned money by displaying products and services on mobile web to capture audience, there must be a good reason behind it. Besides, if they are planning to increase the budgets, it is obvious that their previous investments have been successfully paid off.

    9. Internet users are using it on an average of 13 hours a week, which was just 7 in 2002:-

    As internet usage improves irrespective of the device employed, accessibility is the next target factor that will be aimed on to increase the usage. Previously, only desktop or laptop was employed to access internet, but currently the internet-enabled mobile phones have made the accessibility very easy and mobile.

    10.There are more than 2 billion mobile phones estimated worldwide:-

    Mobiles are being owned and passed onto the next owner. Recycling and refurbishing programs help in reusing cell phones as emergency dialers, reselling them, or donating them to charity.

    With the growing popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices, having a website with mobile access is no longer just a novelty aimed at a few people lucky enough to have iPhones. In today's mobile age, a mobile site is a must.[FONT=&quot]

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