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What is ASP and ASP.NET?

Discussion in '.NET' started by d'souza, Feb 3, 2015.

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    Dynamic Server Pages (ASP), otherwise called Classic ASP, is a Microsoft's server-side innovation, which helps in making element and easy to use Web pages. It utilizes distinctive scripting dialects to make element Web pages, which can be run on any sort of program. The Web pages are fabricated by utilizing either Vbscript or Javascript and these Web pages have admittance to the same administrations as Windows application, including ADO (Activex Data Objects) for database access, SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for email, and the whole COM (Component Object Model) structure utilized as a part of the Windows environment. ASP is executed through an element join library (asp.dll) that is called by the IIS server when a Web page is asked for from the server.

    Asp.net is a particular created by Microsoft to make element Web applications, Web locales, and Web administrations. It is a piece of .NET Framework. You can make Asp.net applications in the majority of the .NET perfect dialects, for example, Visual Basic, C#, and J#. The Asp.net gathers the Web pages and gives much preferred execution over scripting dialects, for example, Vbscript. The Web Forms backing to make compelling structures based Web pages. You can utilize Asp.net Web server controls to make intuitive Web applications. With the assistance of Web server controls, you can without much of a stretch make a Web application.

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