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[Tutorial] Choosing movie format

Discussion in 'Graphics and Design' started by jamey, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Sep 5, 2008
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    You might face this problem more often than you think! You need to upload a video on the web and you'll need to know the video is small in size and that it can be seen in any browser no matter the browser or the operating system.

    Talking about the popular movie formats

    If you were thinking of making the movie into wmv, mov or some others also then think again. These extensions offer poor cross-browser compatibility. The best extension to use is flv.

    You might not have heard about it but this is the extension that can be displayed in any browser through a flash file. The time taken to convert your favorite movie from its format to flv format is short and the conversion is totally worth it. You will be able to share your videos online with anyone knowing that the video will play faster because of its smaller size and it will start streaming right away because of the format specifications.

    To play a flv file on your system you can use a software like FLV Media player and to convert a movie to a flv extension you should use Ultra WMV MPEG AVI to FLV Converter or similar software on the market.

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