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Tier.Net's POWERHOUSE VPS Hosting Starting at $7.50/month!

Discussion in 'Hosting Offers' started by Sam Corey, Jan 30, 2019.

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    Businesses from all over the world rely on us for fast and reliable hosting services.
    You can count on us too!

    US-owned with offices in New York and Florida, Tier.Net operates in datacenters strategically located throughout the USA and beyond! Experience the top tier of hosting and related services only at Tier.Net! Cutting edge, reliable, and FAST! Tier.Net provides shared, reseller, VPS, cloud, dedicated, and co-location services at guaranteed competitive prices. Tier.Net features an in-house staff, wholly owned network and server hardware, and certified techs available 24/7/365 to ensure your online venture is an outstanding success!

    Dual Intel Xeon E5-2650v3
    vCPUs: 40 (20 core / 40 thread)
    Memory: 256GB+ DDR4 ECC REGISTERED
    Disk: 6x 1TB Samsung SSD
    RAID: RAID 10 LSI 9260-8i w/ Writeback Cache + BBU
    Dedicated Backup SAN: 6TB
    VMs per Server: < 10

    I/O TESTED: Up to 1.4Gbyte / sec I/O WRITE

    Code (Text):
    dd if=/dev/zero of=test.img bs=1M count=10000
    10000+0 records in
    10000+0 records out
    10485760000 bytes (10 GB) copied, 7.29967 s, 1.4 GB/s
    *Tested on idle system not in production

    You'll find administration is easy using the SolusVM control panel, all backed by Tier.Net's industry-leading customer service! Please email sales [at] Tier.Net, chat with us live on our website, or call 888-518-0288 with any questions.

    Tier.Net VPS Hosting Includes:

    Redundant, multi-homed, BGP bandwidth
    Optional 10Gbps uplink direct to your VPS (NY & Dallas)
    Regular node backups - regularly tested disaster recovery plans
    Choice of all versions of Windows / Linux / Unix and more!
    At-cost pricing: Tier.Net is a cPanel, CloudLinux, Kernelcare, WHMCS, Litespeed, and Microsoft Partner

    VPS Powerhouse Specials:

    4x CPU Cores
    16GB RAM
    Bandwidth: 2TB @ 1Gbps
    4 IPv4, /64 IPv6
    100% Uptime Guarantee
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Fully Customizable!
    As low as $24.50/mo! (when paid annually or $26.95 month-to-month)
    Order Now!

    1x CPU Core
    4GB RAM
    Bandwidth: 1TB @ 1Gbps
    1 IPv4, /64 IPv6
    100% Uptime Guarantee
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Fully Customizable!
    As low as $7.50/mo! (when paid annually or $8.99 month-to-month)
    Order Now!

    To compare all POWERHOUSE KVM VPS Packages, please refer to the following link: https://www.tier.net/vps-powerhouse-specials

    Additional CPU Core = +$13.50 / mo
    Additional 1GB RAM = +$3.38 / mo
    Full range of control panel options (cPanel, DirectAdmin, etc) and OS options (Linux, Unix, Windows, etc)
    LEARN MORE & CUSTOMIZE: https://www.tier.net/vps-powerhouse-specials

    Tier.Net's primary datacenters are located in Charlotte, NC (DC74), Latham, NY (Turnkey Internet), Dallas, TX (Psychz) and Bend, OR (Cascade Divide). All premium Tier 3 and Tier 4 datacenters serve customers around the world with multi-homed bandwidth and N+2 redundancy. Tier.Net's datacenters provide outstanding connections to the United States, Asia/Pacific, and Europe. We are not resellers - Tier.Net has its own in-house staff and wholly owned equipment.

    Primary Central USA DC: Dallas, TX
    Looking glass + IP test: http://lg.tx.tier.net/
    Primary West Coast USA DC: Bend, OR
    Looking glass + IP test: http://lg.or.tier.net/
    Primary Southeast Coast USA: Charlotte, NC
    Looking glass + IP test: http://lg.nc.tier.net/
    Primary Northeast Coast USA: Latham, NY
    Looking glass + IP test: http://lg.ny.tier.net

    Also inquire about our datacenter options in Peer 1 & Psychz Los Angeles (great Asian-friendly bandwidth), USSHC Monticello, IA, and Fiberhub Las Vegas, NV.

    Looking for other options?
    Check out our other popular and fully-customizable Virtual Private Server configurations at https://www.tier.net/vps-hosting

    Custom Builds
    Tier.Net can build ANYTHING you need! From legacy machines to blade systems to entire cabinets of custom machines, Tier.Net can make it a reality, and without an extra penny spent! Please CONTACT US to inquire! We can meet or beat almost ANY advertised price.

    Optional Ultimate Management
    For only a few dollars more, consider our Ultimate Management service allowing you to concentrate on what matters most! Basic support involves 24/7/365 FAST ticket response. Full Management includes all basic support PLUS proactive monitoring, security hardening, OS updates, and kernel updates by request. Ultimate Management includes Full Management plus domain-level support, script/application advice (have us install and customize Wordpress for you as an example) and troubleshooting, dedicated account manager, and up to 50GB offsite backups. Server Management comes in many forms, but where can you get TOP TIER management at BOTTOM TIER prices? Only at Tier.Net!

    For more information or fastest assistance, please email sales [at] Tier.Net, chat with us online at www.Tier.Net, or call toll free at 1-888-518-0288. Custom quote requests as well as reseller and affiliate inquiries are gladly accepted!

    Please note that we do not monitor private messages received on WebHostingTalk. All communication should be sent to us directly as indicated above.

    We look forward to welcoming you as a valued client.

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