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Staff Wanted: Xbox Reviewer: Paid Job

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by Sean101, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Forum Name: Xbox Live Fan
    Positions Available: Reviewer (Game, Console & Accessory)
    Link to forum: http://www.xboxlivefan.org/

    Pay & Earnings details..
    XLF Reviewers are paid on a Per Review Basis. The Current Rates are..
    Game Reviews: £0.50
    Console Reviews: £0.50
    Accessory Reviews: £0.50

    Note: You can write only game reviews, only console reviews, only accessory reviews or all 3.

    Cash Earned can be requested at anytime as long as your Earnings(£) Due is at £10.00 or more.
    You will be paid any cash you make on XboxLiveFan.org via PayPal.com.

    Extra Benifits For XLF Reviewers..
    - You get access to the XLF Staff Room.
    - PM inbox message limit of 100.
    - You can send out PMs to 50 other members at a time.
    - Your post count will still increase in the "Posting Games" forum.

    XLF Reviewer Requirements..
    - You must use the Review Templates provided when writing reviews.
    - You must keep the XLF Reviewer Signature Banner in your Signature at all times.
    - You must attach your Signature to all Posts & PMs you make on the forum.
    - You must always be subscribed to your Reviews in order to be notified of any comments on them.
    - You must always be subscribed to your Sticky Topic in the "Say Hello To The XLF Team" forum

    If you would like to become a XLF Reviewer, please reply below & we can talk about it further or sign up to My Xbox Forum and send me a PM. Thanks!

    Note: I have not yet finished writing up a review template for consoles & accessories, so for now, i will only require you to write game reviews. The templates for writing reviews on consoles & accessories will be finished by next week.

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