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PHP Developer Available for Immediate Projects

Discussion in 'Programming Services' started by Nathan Malone, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Nathan Malone

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    Sep 11, 2010
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    As a PHP/MySQL developer with years of experience in everything ranging from complex Web 2.0 sites, to small website debugging projects, to MySQL server administration, to forum/blog installations, to just about anything else out there, I bring to the table experience with a wide variety of software packages.

    A few of the applications I have worked with include:

    - Drupal
    - SimpleMachines
    - vBulletin
    - phpBB
    - MediaWiki
    - osCommerce
    - Moodle
    - Mambo
    - PostNuke
    - WordPress
    - And many other applications!

    In addition, I have developed websites based on several PHP frameworks, including some of the following:

    - Symfony
    - CodeIgniter
    - Zend Framework
    - CakePHP
    - Kohana
    - Yii
    - A variety of other frameworks...

    Need a custom website developed, instead of using one based on WordPress, Drupal, or a similar software package? I can easily code custom functionality for you, including features such as:

    - Setting up pagination to allow users to view multiple pages of listings
    - Setting up a Login/session management system, complete with email confirmation and password reset functionalities
    - Image uploading / management system
    - Dynamic database generated pages in virtually any style
    - Performing a website loading speed analysis
    - Setting up streaming video & audio
    - Adding reCAPTCHA to web forms (considered by some to be the best CAPTCHA)
    - Integrating Sphinx into an existing application
    - Setting up CAPTCHA support for forms, to help prevent automated spam-bot submissions
    - Migrating to cloud hosting
    - Dynamic graph generation and output (pie graphs, gantt charts, etc.)
    - PayPal payment integration
    - Yahoo API integration (maps, search results, etc.)
    - Setting up a variety of contact forms, and other web-based forms
    - Ensuring your site uses proper database design and optimization
    - (see http://www.prophpdevelopmentblog.com/services/ for more)

    My contact form at http://www.prophpdevelopmentblog.com/contact/ can be used to contact me regarding having me handle any PHP and/or MySQL development work for you or your company.


    - Nathan

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