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MySQL DB with Large Collection of Books Cover Images (4.3 Million and Counting)

Discussion in 'Content' started by immediate, Dec 21, 2013.

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    General Information
    Database Title: 18,392,601 Books (Unique ISBN) and 4 Million Book Cover Images
    Database URL: http://www.UsableDatabases.com/database/books-isbn-covers/
    Database Price: $689.95
    Samples or Demo: (Please click 'Samples' tab)
    Download Size: 13414.40 MB (Data imported in MySQL)
    Number of Tables: 6
    Primary Table Records: 18,392,601
    Lifetime Update Policy: We have a "One payment, lifetime updates" policy that you can download all future updates free of charge for a lifetime after purchase. Make sure you follow our Twitter @UsableDatabases or subscribe to our blog: UsableDatabases.blogspot.com to be notified when updated versions come out.

    Data Description
    Twitter: @UsableDatabases
    Description: This is the ultimate books / ISBN database on the entire Internet, growing by thousands every day (but we may release a update every 6 or 12 months). From the first version with a humble 4 million titles in 2009, after 5 major upgrades, it currently holds 18.4 million book titles with over 20 data fields for each of them, no inferior to the in-house databases of Google's or Amazon's.

    There are also over 4.3 million book cover images and 3,274 author icon images included in the attachment, named after the 13-digits ISBN of the book such as 9780123456789.jpg. Check out some samples.
    There are 3,272 authors identified in the author table with a name and a biography for each of them. The 1st million books from the book table are associated with subjects (sub_subject, sub_sub_subject), while the rest of the books have their own subjects field containing the subjects of the book.

    You will immediately be able to download the database files after purchase, but NOT the images package. Due to its massive size (that's growing!), we will prepare the images package for download in 8 hours to 2 days and send it your way. Should you be in a hurry, contact us.

    Attachment / Associated Media
    This database has attachment (associated images, videos, or any other media files).
    Download Size: 107097.4 MB
    Number of Items: 4
    Format(s): JPEG
    Samples or Demo: (Please click 'Attachments' tab)

    Available Formats
    Available Formats: While we do have a variety of formats available for our data sets, most popularly, MySQL, CSV, MS Excel, MS Access, XML, please see the Download Page for actual formats offered for this database.

    For more information regarding this database such as detailed structure, fields in each of the table / how they are associated, notes, defects, data scopes and categories, please see the Overview Page. You can also reach us for any questions you need addressed regarding our products.

    Purchase & Download
    If you are interested in this database, please just "Add to Cart" and "Checkout with PayPal". You will be directed to PayPal to make the payment. After payment, you will be immediately and automatically sent the download link and necessary credentials to download the database.

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