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My Website Title Tag Is Not Shown In Google?

Discussion in 'SEO Forum' started by borgninestallone, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Hi, I own a photographic website http://www.srihariphotos.com/. I have written unique title tag and meta description for home page and throughout the website. But the title tag what I have written is not shown in Google. In fact the website is getting crawled weekly 3 times and I am much worried on the title tag. I don't know from where this "Wedding Photographers in Chennai" is taken from the website and shown in Google. As title tag is very important in Google and if and only my title tag is crawled and indexed in Google my website will get ranked for the keyword what i am focusing.

    Also i have been using the white hat SEO techniques only for building backlinks for my website. Eventhough my website is not ranking for the keywords what i am focusing in the title tag. I am also regularly posting blog content in order to get my website index faster and to get rank for the keywords. No improvement is shown in Google.

    Also I have checked for my competitors website, they does not have good and quality backlinks and some have used Black hat SEO. They were on top of Google. But my website is down to Google.

    What I have to do in order to get my website to show the title tag which i have written and also how to get my website rank for the keywords.

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