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Inviting you to a contest where everyone wins!

Discussion in 'Content' started by vtpp, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Hi, guys,

    I would like to invite all of you to a contest we are holding to launch our new website: Websites Camp.

    Allow me to explain a little, about the contest and about the website itself.

    We are offering free and premium WordPress Websites to our users, empowering them to have a great website even with no or on a low budget. Since I started from scratch some 5 years ago, I know how hard is to get noticed when you have no budget and this is why, even our free users get premium themes and their websites are already SEO optimized.

    Now, to spread the word across, we would like to invite all the interested bloggers to participate into our contest where everyone wins a premium subscription on our network. To put it more clear, everyone participating will receive a life-time subscription to our Basic Package, worth 48$ per year, entitling you to have a WordPress website hosted by us that you can use on a sub-domain we provide or add your own domain to it, 100+ Premium WordPress themes and 500mb of storage.

    You can use this for you, make it a gift to a friend or put it up as a prize on your own blog contest, we don't mind.

    To enter the contest, you just have to review us, in an honest way (we don't ask for fake positive reviews).

    There is one more big prize that will be awarded to the entry that will refer the highest traffic to us and that is a subscription for life to an Ultimate account worth 300$ per year, meaning that you get a wordpress website in our network that you can use on a sub-domain we provide or with your own domain, 5GB of uploading space, 100+ Premium Themes and 25+ really powerful plugins enabling you to turn that website into an e-shop, a fundraising website, a paid content blog, have your users pay with a like to read your posts, send newsletters from your dashboard, do advanced SEO, create mobile themes and MORE.

    If you'd like to participate, feel free to visit our contest page at contests.websitescamp.com and our main website at websitescamp.com .

    Also, if you have any questions, I will reply to them gladly.

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