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How to manage MySQL with cPanel

Discussion in 'Dedicated Hosting' started by hruthika, Jul 20, 2014.

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    There are several ways to manage MySQL databases. Among them are direct command-line manipulation, web-based interfaces such as phpMyAdmin and remote database administration tools. You can also manage some MySQL functionality from within your hosting control panel, if you are using cPanel.

    cPanel database management is found in Home >> Databases >> MySQL Databases. A number of quick and easy functions are available to you, including:

    Create a Database
    Check a Database for Errors
    Repair a Database
    Create a Database User
    Define a User’s Privileges
    Search Database
    Delete a Database
    Every database in MySQL needs to be associated with a user who can manipulate it. Otherwise, only the root user will have access to it. The first step is to create the database as follows:

    Type the name of a database into the box labeled: “New Database”
    Click “Go Back”
    Go to “MySQL Users”
    Enter a username under “Add New User”
    Enter a password or use the “Password Generator” to create one
    Retype the password
    Click “Create User”
    Once you have created the user, you need to associate it with the database you created in the “Define a User’s Privileges” section. Follow these steps:

    In the section labeled “Add User to Database”, choose the user you want to add from the menu
    Select the database from the “Database” menu
    Click “Add”
    On the next screen, you will need to set the privileges you want to grant or select “All Privileges”
    Click “Make Changes”
    cPanel’s MySQL administration cannot replace a full MySQL administration program, but it can give you the basic functionality you need to get databases up and running. For complete documentation, see the cPanel online docs website.


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