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Global Movies Database, 28 Genres, 291,473 Titles, 287 Languages & 1.6 Million Images

Discussion in 'Content' started by immediate, Apr 12, 2015.

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    This is a very large, highly structured and complete global movies database that comes with 20 inter-related tables / data entities.

    World Movies Database (1st edition, updated Dec. 19th, 2014 )

    1. Data size: 1.5 GB
    2. Images size: 65.9 GB

    3. Characters: 129,080 (i.e. roles in movies, and their quotes, etc.)
    4. Companies: 98,244 (production companies of the films, etc.)
    5. Countries: 216
    6. Gallery Images: 1,547,429 (film screenshots, actors / actresses, directors, etc.)
    7. Genres: 28
    8. Keywords: 37,648 (i.e. tags of the movie titles)
    9. Languages: 287
    10. Movies: 291,473
    11. People: 944,639 (writers, directors, actors / actresses, etc.)
    12. Years: 1887 - 2018

    9. Movie table fields: 21

    Price: $489.95

    We just decided to decrease the price of the Movies Database we just released a few months ago from $489.95 to just $189.95.

    That’s a massive discount.

    We never did this kind of discount before but we just thought it might help you guys make the decision. It’s definitely the best downloadable database of movies you can find on the Internet. It’s all in one. You get to start your own movies portal or killer app comparable to that of the biggest players in the industry.

    The database is so sophisticated in structure, so rich in fields, so heavy in records, and so exhaustive in normalization, that it would definitely make your site or application look like a tycoon.

    If you are interested please just add the database to cart and check out via PayPal. The download link will be automatically sent to your PayPal email. You can immediately download the data and the images.

    You will also be entitled for all future updates free of charge, as per our lifetime update policy.

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