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[Exclusive][Unique]★★★ CPA with a twist! Adsense Method! $100 per week! ★★★

Discussion in 'Ebooks' started by JacktheFlipper, Oct 13, 2010.

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    [Exclusive][Unique]★★★ CPA with a twist! Adsense Method! $100 per week! ★★★

    Okay, I'm not going to lie. $100 per week is not much. I see many methods out there that offer upto $500 per DAY! Whats the difference in my method?

    Well here is a list of them:

    1. My method is less likely to get saturated, because its win-win, for us, aswell as the paying party

    2. Its very easy to understand, just a few steps

    3. Its not going to make you a millionaire, but it will certainly give you some extra pocket money

    It involves google adsense in a twisted way. It's not breaking any terms of service and is NOT black hat. But its not the nice way of doing it either.
    My guide contains a few methods, one is how to easily get accepted into Google Adsense, although its not a core part of the method, you can follow this for a reduced hassle path.

    The other method is, how to get cash out of your adsense ads, this is the core part.

    Trust me, my method is unique, out of the many guides about adsense I've bought, none even hint at this method. Heck, you don't even need a website for the core part [monetizing].

    Ok, thats enough info from my part, I don't want to give out my secret for free do I? So, I'm selling this guide.

    1 Review available for someone with 250+ posts
    I will be selling only 25 copies

    1st 5 copies: $10
    Next 10 copies: $12.5
    Next 10 copies: $15
    Last 5 copies: $20

    Please understand that earnings will fluctuate.

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