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Domain & SEO Software - MUST SEE!

Discussion in 'Webmaster Marketplace' started by fpforum, Dec 1, 2014.

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    Whether you manage, design, promote, or develop websites we have software that can save you both time and hassle! We offer a variety of different applications that webmasters use on a daily basis to backorder, analyze and register domains. Look over our different products below!

    Please PM me if you have any questions!

    Description: Everyday thousands of expired domains delete and become available for new registration. Many of these domains have PageRank, MozRank, DMOZ listings, and other metrics which webmasters would normally pay big bucks to acquire! DesktopCatcher is a unique Windows application that will help you find these domains and automatically register them the second they drop and become available for new registration!
    Coupon: 10% Off with the Coupon Code DOMAINFORUM

    Description: AutomatedHits is a unique traffic bot that allows you to send unlimited amounts of traffic to any website URL. This user-friendly bot will give your website a nice boost in unique visitors, along with an increase in page impressions and a decrease in bounce rates! Send traffic into as many URLs as you want and watch it flow in from around the globe.
    Coupon: $5 Off with the Coupon Code FORUMS

    Description: Quickly scrape and test thousands of proxies anytime you need them! Whether you need HTTP proxies for use with Scrapebox, Anonymous browsing, or any other purpose - Zalp can pull hundreds of thousands of proxies from over 400 different online sources and then test them extremely quickly by running on multiple threads. It's the only proxy software you'll ever need!
    Coupon: 10% Off with the Coupon Code FORUMS

    Description: AutoBackorder is a simple Windows application that lets you submit all of your daily domain backorder requests with just one click. People who backorder domains through NameJet, Pheenix, DynaDot, Name.com and other domain backorder outlets can use this application to submit their desired domains into all of those websites with just one simple click!
    Coupon: 10% Off with the Coupon Code FORUMS

    Description: Do you need a tool that can quickly analyze and check the availability of really large domain lists? NameChex is your solution! This unique Windows application can check MOZ metrics including Domain Authority, Page Authority, and MOZrank for thousands of domains quickly. It can also check the availability of thousands of domains quickly as well.
    Coupon: 10% Off with the Coupon Code FORUMS

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