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Dedicated Servers Vs Public Cloud Servers Vs Private Cloud Servers

Discussion in 'Dedicated Hosting' started by hruthika, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. hruthika

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    Jul 16, 2014
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    Competing needs to reap cost benefits, achieve scalability and lean their IT operations & infrastructure services has been infusing thoughts of Cloud servers even in the minds of small medium enterprises. Surfing through offers from hosting providers who inundate their customers with variants of price, security and value added features often create mild to complex decision making scenarios for end users. To add up, the due diligence pursued often adds up to cost of time consumed in taking the right decision and is seldom worthy of revisit with time and effort turning out to be sunk costs.

    Customers often need valuable pointers that will help them unravel this chaotic juncture with finer information that will help them make well informed decisions to choose between Dedicated servers, public cloud servers and private cloud servers. If you ever come across this dilemmatic situation, Here are few cues that will help you add value to your decision making process;

    Cue 1. Dedicated Servers provide dedicated resources but limited management capabilities.
    > Choose Dedicated Servers for applications like Databases and VOIP Services.

    Cue 2. Public Cloud Servers provides shared resources with more management capabilities.
    > Choose Public Cloud for light applications like Websites, Forums, and File Servers.

    Cue 3. Private Cloud Server Suite has flexible management to create/manage multiple cloud servers.
    > Choose Private Cloud if you need Four servers for Different Purposes.

    Keeping these simple cues as the key drivers will always help you choose the right solution for your hosting needs and arrive at the most important determinant ‘Price’! Here is where we at Datasoft fit in to your needs by offering hosting solutions that are for REAL

    Datasoft believes in superior customer satisfaction by offering services that are Reliable, Efficient, Affordable and Lucrative and yet secure too!

    Our server hosting offerings that range from private & public cloud servers to dedicated servers are designed to extend our customer superior satisfaction by meeting their unique array of hosting needs.

    Our Public cloud offerings begin from a price range of $7/month*, whereas Private cloud servers are available from $29/month*, and our Dedicated server offerings begin from as low as $29/ month.

    For a more detailed overview of our competitive server hosting plans and features visit www.datasoft.ws and save on your decision making time.

    Datasoft networks
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    Jun 25, 2013
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    My recommendation is to get server deals from Hostdepot.com hosting provider. They are delivering reasonable deals with powerful servers and high stability.

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