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Data & Images Set of World Countries (Flags & Currencies)

Discussion in 'Content' started by immediate, Jul 30, 2013.

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    General Information
    Database Title: World Flags, Currency Images of 196 Countries
    Database URL: http://www.UsableDatabases.com/database/world-flags-currency-images-of-countries/
    Database Price: $125.00
    Samples or Demo: Samples
    Download Size: 0.23 MB (Data imported in MySQL)
    Number of Tables: 9
    Primary Table Records: 196
    Lifetime Update Policy: We have a "One payment, lifetime updates" policy that you can download all future updates free of charge for a lifetime after purchase. Make sure you follow our Twitter @UsableDatabases or subscribe to our blog to be notified when updated versions come out.

    Data Description
    Twitter: @UsableDatabases
    Description: This database is mainly about flags and currency images of 196 countries from 6 continents all over the world. You can easily search one of the country's flag image including 4 versions: mini (30x20)*, normal (550x367)*, big (1600x800)* and ultra (2560x1536)* sizes, affiliated organizations that they take part in and currencies that they have used in the past and present from the 196 countries information database. It also comes with 426 important personnels and their government positions from the different countries. Each country record consists of title, slug, capital city, population, total area, formation date, highest point, GDP, currency, ISO official code, calling code, internet TLD and the name in 9 different languages.

    * These dimensions are approximate.

    Attachment / Associated Media
    This database has attachment (associated images, videos, or any other media files).
    Download Size: 329 MB
    Number of Items: 3,666
    Format(s): png, jpg
    Samples or Demo: Attachment Samples

    Available Formats
    Available Formats: While we do have a variety of formats available for our data sets, most popularly, MySQL, CSV, MS Excel, MS Access, XML, please see the Download Page for actual formats offered for this database.

    For more information regarding this database such as detailed structure, fields in each of the table / how they are associated, notes, defects, data scopes and categories, please see the Sales Page.

    You can also reach us for any questions you need addressed regarding our products.

    Purchase & Download
    If you are interested in this database, please just "Add to Cart" and "Checkout with PayPal". You will be directed to PayPal to make the payment. After payment, you will be immediately and automatically sent the download link and necessary credentials to download the database.

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