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Blog Commenter's Needed! [Paid Job]

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by swood, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Apr 26, 2011
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    My blog VidsToWatch features the best video from all over the world and is looking for commenter's.

    ~$0.05 per comment/reply
    ~$0.02 for following us on Twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/VidsToWatch
    ~$0.02 for liking us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/VidsToWatch
    ~$0.02 per liked post. Additional $0.02 for comment
    ~$0.02 per shared post
    ~$0.02 per Tweeted post
    ~$0.02 per Reddit submission
    ~$0.02 per Linkedin submission
    ~$0.02 per Google+ (+1) submission
    ~$0.01 per main page StumbleUpon thumbsup. Additional $0.02 for a comment on the thumbsup
    ~$0.01 per other page StumbleUpon thumbsups. Additional $0.02 for a comment on the thumbsup
    ~$0.03 per vote - http://bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/172030

    VidsToWatch is updated daily so there's plenty of opportunity to make money. If you're interested, email me for more info:

    Thank you!

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