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Black Friday Sale On ALL Of My eBooks!

Discussion in 'Ebooks' started by Jerlene, Nov 25, 2010.

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    Jerlene's eBook Black Friday Special

    Save over $100!

    A Digital Point Must-Have (valued $10)- Learn how to inflate your post count on DP without getting infractions, learn how to still use DP when you're banned, learn how to make money with DP.

    Fiverr Force (valued $32) - Become a Fiverr expert and make thousands of dollars each month.

    Black Hat AdSense (valued $30) - Make at least $50 a day with this method.

    Exploiting RevTWT (valued $7.99) - Make money with Twitter and RevTWT. All you need is 50 followers and you'll be making at least a dollar per follower each day.

    The Ultimate Lockerz eBook (valued $17.00) - I will show you how to get to Z-List status and continue to get referrals. This doesn't only work for Lockerz, but this works for any site requiring referrals.

    Build A Successful Forum With Almost No Money (valued $3.50) - Learn how to build a successful forum with almost no money. There are a ton of resources to help guide you.

    Increase Your AdSense & CPALead Income (valued $12.99) - Learn how I guarantee myself more than $60 a month from CPALead and AdSense.

    Another CPA eBook (valued $7.85) - Learn how to get accepted and use a CPA network.

    Earn Money with YouTube, Twitter and NamePros (valued $9.00) - Earn money by watching Youtube videos, commenting on Youtube videos and subscribing to Youtube channels. I will also teach you how to earn money from tweeting messages, bookmarking sites, commenting on blogs, following people on Twitter, etc.

    100+ Fans & 500+ Friends On FB in 24 Hours (valued $9.00) - Learn how to get 100 fans and 500 friends on Facebook within 24 hours.

    Get Twitter Followers & Traffic Fast & Easy (valued $6.88) - Learn how to get Twitter followers quickly and easily. I will also show you how to get traffic to your websites by using Twitter.

    Make Money With Twitter (valued $5.99) - how to make a little extra income with Twitter.

    That is a total value of $152.20, but I will give you all of them for only $25.00!
    Save a total of $127.20!

    There's almost 100 MB of stuff in here. You can't go wrong.

    My ebooks are for newbies as well as the veterans. Click on the name of the ebook to get more details about them and see some reviews.

    NO REVIEW COPIES WILL BE GIVEN OUT. They already have reviews.​

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