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    Information Times (Reporter correspondent Shi Lin Yu Xuan pay) at 19:50 on December 23 Xu,http://www.roosan.cn/news/html/?578.html, Xinhua Street, Huadu Industrial Boulevard traffic police brigade in the era of the city on the road to investigate the set point when drunk driving, a silver Audi when approaching a checkpoint suddenly accelerated turn red card, a traffic police on duty will hit the ground causing his rib fractures. When the name of the driver to get off, found the car and his wife and three year old daughter. Blood-alcohol testing, driver arrested for drunk driving Liaomou. Currently,http://meirenpeizi.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=75499, on suspicion of dangerous driving Liaomou crime, the crime of obstruction of official criminal detention by the police.

    Traffic police Zhuangfei Zhongshuai landing

    That night,hogan interactive, the traffic police brigade in Huadu Xinhua Industrial Boulevard era city on the road set points for investigation of drunk driving campaigns when,louboutin homme pas cher, a license plate number for the Guangdong ST65XX silver Audi, deeds are very suspicious. "At the time the car was very fierce, and crooked." Huadu, Guangzhou traffic police detachment brigade summer police officer told reporters that they indicate when the other stop, the accident happened.

    Seeing the police search vehicles, car Audi car, stepped on the gas to force the sudden turn red card, a police on duty to be fast-moving car after the collision to vacate Zhongshuai landing. "Look at that driver hit people hurried stop, police

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