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Advantages of Email marketing

Discussion in 'Business & Legal Issues' started by anissa34, Jan 16, 2010.

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    Jan 13, 2010
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    The advantages of email marketing listed are intended to prompt you to ask to what extent an organization is taking advantage of these benefits.

    In my experience, the main advantages of Email marketing are:

    1. Relatively low cost of fulfilment. The physical costs of email are substantially less than direct mail.
    2. Direct response medium encourages immediate action. Email marketing encourages clickthrough to a website where the offer can be redeemed immediately this increases the likelihood of an immediate, impulsive response.
    3. Faster campaign deployment. Lead times for producing creative and the whole campaign lifecycle tends to be shorter than traditional media.
    4. Ease of personalisation. It is easier and cheaper to personalise email than for physical media and also than for a website.
    5. Options for testing. It is relatively easy and cost effective to test different email creative and messaging.
    6. Integration. Through combining email marketing with other direct media which can be personalised such as direct mail, mobile messaging or web personalisation, campaign response can be increased as the message is reinforced by different media.

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