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30,000 Ebooks, 1,600 Logos , 15,700 Templates & More [ Cheap ]

Discussion in 'Ebooks' started by SKULL, Jan 29, 2011.

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    30,000 Ebooks, 1,600 Logos , 15,700 Templates & More [ Cheap ]

    You will get this full collection of more than 30,000 eBooks and Software in one download which takes less than 60 seconds which includes many different file formats such as .pdf, .txt, .doc with individual retail value totalling apparently well over $50,000! (Again apparently, what Im selling is a nice package of thousands of ebooks and bonus software, graphics, tutorials and stuff that comes with resell rights)

    This collection comes does come with full resale rights for each individual eBook and Software and Scripts that are attached, many of which have never been seen before by the public (Apparently... This is what it says in the readme.txt I guess there is well over 30k ebooks so maybe people have seen them as theyve not even had chance to get to open them all as there is too many).

    Good thing about this package is that most ebooks come with killer mini-sites for you to promote and sell the ebook. So you can resell the ebooks individually! Im not offering you a package that you can quit your job and promote full time but what i am offering is a download of 30,000 ebooks, 1,600 scripts, 800 logos and many many more bonus items, which will be included.

    LIST of Ebooks:

    Save Your Driving Licence (Find out how to avoid paying speeding fines!!)
    Fruit Machine Cheat (How to win on fruit machines every time!!)
    Stop Smoking Forever
    PS2 Cheats (1020 Pages of cheats for the majority of games)
    How to Get Sky TV on Your PC
    Learn How To Play The Guitar
    The Police and Bailiff Auction Guide
    David Blain Magic
    DVD Codes
    Chipping DVD Players
    Ebay Full Time
    101 Ebay Seller Secrets
    Ebay Money Flow
    Basic Ebay Business
    101 Auction Secrets Revealed
    Celebrity Autographs
    Complete Casino Guide
    Science of Getting Rich
    Boosting Your Credit Score
    Credit Secrets
    Boost Your Credit
    Credit Report of Top UK Bankers
    Insider Credit Secrets
    UK Credit Secrets 4
    AAA Credit Repair Toolkit
    Erasing Bad Credit
    UK Credit Repair


    Auction /Wholesale / Drop Ship Info
    E-books and reports
    Home Business Resources
    Sof ware Titles Reports and Links
    Web Tools / Reports Security Reports and Info
    Free Info and Reports
    MISC. Resources And Reports
    Additional E-books Reports Auction /Wholesale / Drop Ship Info Online Auction sites on the net!
    Online auctions, Government auctions, Government auctions online.
    holesale companies! Wholesale companies II!
    Drop-ship companies!
    The Orient, Taiwan trade directory!
    Mexico trade directory!
    Close-outs and overruns!
    Hong Kong trade directory!
    Buy Gaming systems at wholesale. + other links Learn how to buy things on eBay and turn a profit and how to snipe to win more auctions!
    Software at wholesale prices!
    Ebay alarm!
    As seen on TV products!
    And many many more!!

    Anyway that is such a tiny little sneak preview of these ebooks.

    It also comes with the bonus software, scripts and tutorials. There is a lot of awesome BONUS including:

    Over 15,700 Quality Templates with full resell rights
    Over 30,000 e-books with full resell rights
    800 Logos with full resell rights
    92,261 Graphics with full resell rights
    11,935 Fonts with full resell rights
    There is more about quality templates, scripts and webmaster tools ...

    You will receive:
    Over 495 Software Programs with full resell rights
    10 Web Tools with full resell rights
    4 Completely Automated Business Site Scripts with full resell rights
    Over 1,600 Scripts with full resell rights and much more! with full resell rights.

    You will get a PDF File of the download links, due to this being a big file , i have split them into 6 packages to download.
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    Friend you have very unique collection of books


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